With Gridpays free invoice maker you can build trust with your customers and suppliers.

Trust is becoming increasingly difficult to manage in a digital world. Long gone are the days of personally knowing most or even all the people we do business with. Our time is also becoming more and more precious and becomes increasingly difficult to manage the more our businesses grow.

Gridpay has been developed to simplify the processes in how we do business together and build trust along the way. It’s doesn’t matter if you’re the local plumber, a graphic designer, or a window company fitting an entire estate, Gridpay will help you manage projects of any size.

When we first began developing Gridpay we wanted it to solve several key problems we were having in our own businesses;

  • Quote management
  • Invoice management
  • Getting paid on time
  • Document eSign and storage
  • Task management

It was important to us that Gridpay was easy to use, as we felt many CRM (customer relationship management) software systems took too long to implement. We also couldn’t find any decent free CRM systems. We wanted to change this.

Gridpay comes straight out of the box with a free invoice generator and quote maker. You can just log into the cloud, create invoices and quotes online and send them straight to your customers. Your quotes can be accepted and declined with one click, and Gridpay keeps you up to date with notifications throughout the whole process.

Getting paid on time seems to be a massive issue no matter what business you’re in. We wanted it to be as easy as possible for businesses to accept credit card payments. With Gridpay you can immediately start take credit card payments with no setup fees, no monthly fees, and very competitive rates. The quicker you can invoice your customers the quicker you will get paid and Gridpay handles this process with ease.

The eSign features in Gridpay can be used in two different ways. The first is to simply upload your documents and send them to whoever you want to review and sign them. The documents are stored securely for both parties to review, can be amended as many times as required and once signed become read only. It’s never been easier to sign and store documents online.

The second is to build an eContract around your documents. With an eContract you can attach a payment plan and tasks to your eSign requests. Imagine you are a window manufacturer and you send your customer their designs to sign off and request a 50% deposit. Once the deposit has been paid you could assign the fitter the job and attach a full payment request on completion. This can all be actioned through Gridpay.

Our slogan is, Quote – eSign – Invoice – Get paid. While we understand business is not always that simple, by following these four simple steps we have increased productivity but more importantly increased trust with our customers. This has given us a growing list of repeat business that Gridpay is crucial in helping us manage.


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