Efficiently improving the bottom line

With Gridpays online invoice generator you can invoice your customers and get paid straight away

Ideas to improve the efficiency of your business
December 4, 2019

The art of getting paid on time

With Gridpay you can accept credit card payments and this increases the chances of getting your invoices paid on time

6 ways to increase the chances of getting paid on time
December 2, 2019


Gridpay builds trust with tools such as our free invoice maker and esign manager

How Gridpay builds trust in a digital world
November 28, 2019

Creating Dave

Dave is now on the road teaching people how can my business accept credit and debit card payments

Creating a character to increase brand awareness of Gridpay
November 27, 2019

Gridpay 1.0.0

Marketing Gridpay and demonstrating our eSign features

Generating awareness of our first version release after 6 months of intense testing
November 21, 2019